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Access Lighting

Great lighting is a great solution. A great lighting company provides great solutions for every lighting situation. A great lighting solution is smart, practical and beautiful . . . and affordable.

These few simple but powerful fundamentals drive the success of Access Lighting. Our Catalog 20 speaks volumes about what we consider great lighting. It also says much about our high regard for our valued customers; like a finely crafted tool, this catalog has been designed to make your job easier, more efficient and pleasant.

Whether you are a savvy lighting industry veteran or working on a new project, Access Lighting can deliver all that you need to create amazing lighting designs. Along with time-tested classics, our Catalog 22 features many new lighting fixtures, including a wider range of energyefficient lighting. Exclusive designs in contemporary and transitional styles for indoors and out are gathered from the world over and are ready to ship from our distribution facility in Tustin, CA.

Actuator Systems

Actuator Systems manufactures a number of consumer products sporting the latest technology. Our latest technology is the new 2011 line of fingerprint deadbolt locks called the NextBolt. Our biometric locks are by far the best selling biometric deadbolts in North America.

Actuator Systems is revolutionizing the security industry by bringing the latest technology to consumers at game changing low prices. As a manufacturer we can break new ground for both quality and ease of use while maintaining price points that make our technology accessible to anyone. Contact us today and allow us to introduce you to our advanced product lines.

Our products are designed to protect your home, your valuables and most importantly your family.

Aero Pure
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AF Lighting
AF Lighting consists of quality design standards and workmanship while offering an extensive selection of distinctive lighting for fine interior applications.
Afina makes beautiful bath cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and mirrors. Available in an extensive pallette of colors and decorative styles, they are commited to being an integral part of every bathroom design.
AHI Hardware
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ALFI Brand
ALFI brand fireclay and ceramic sinks are imported from Israel and Italy. ALFI brand Kitchen and Bath faucets and sinks are manufactured in state of the art facilities that maintain high environmental standards. Each fireclay sink is crafted from 100% white clay and glazed with a thick coat to insure durability and long lasting shine. All faucets are made of 100% SOLID Stainless Steel. ALFI brand is your number one source for high end quality sinks and faucets at affordable prices.
Allied Brass

Allied Brass use the HIGHEST QUALITY materials in their products. They are ATTRACTIVE, DURABLE, & DEPENDABLE and represent the BEST VALUE in the Industry with prices 20% to 40% less than the competition, for comparable products.

No other supplier of SOLID BRASS BATHROOM ACCESSORIES offers their customers such a FREEDOM OF SELECTION. You can choose up to 28 FINISHES or their combination on most styles

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An Alsons hand-shower, be it finished platinum, soft white, or polished brass, is always golden. It all began in the 1950’s with Andrew Leutheuser’s single product and vision —“To Bring a hand shower into every home in America.” With the passing of time, his vision is slowly turning into a reality. Today, hundreds of Alsons’ products lend a unique and essential dimension to many households as well as the bath ware industry at large.

At Altmans, we know what's important. Quality. Reliability. Beauty. Elegance. And above all, our customers.

In fact, our customers are the driving force behind the company. After three decades in the business, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to the changing needs and desires of our customers.

In the 21st century, the bathroom and the kitchen have become the new “living” rooms. As life becomes more and more frenetic, we all feel a need to pamper ourselves. To sit back and relax. To take time out from the world and from our busy lives.

Altmans understands that. We take the most intimate spaces in your home and add the perfect amount of luxury and elegance to make them yours and yours alone. Yours to admire and enjoy… even to show off, if you want. But really, who could blame you if you prefer to keep them all to yourself?

Italian-designed Amba Towel Warmers & Space Heaters combine visual appeal with cutting-edge functionality to offer the consumer an aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and affordable way to dry towels and keep bathrooms warm and mildew free. The product range includes several collections, Jeeves, Quadro, Elory, Antus, Sirio and Vega, all of which can also be used at pools, saunas, spas, boats, kitchens and mudrooms
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American Standard
"Smarter, stylish solutions for your bathroom and kitchen." American standard is at the forefront of global competition because they create some of the most technologically advanced products in the industry. From kitchen faucets to whirlpools, American Standard offers a huge array of goods. They not only aim to please consumers, they aim to inspire them.

It all begins with you: your style, space needs. Rather than tell you what the perfect bath looks like, we think it makes sense for you to tell us. Americh provides you with a comprehensive palette of designs, sizes, water systems, features and accessories from which to choose.
Our skilled craftsmen then build your bathtub to your specifications, right here in the United States. Add to the finished product our exacting environmental standards and impeccable customer service - and a unique Americh bathtub is born. From classic to contemporary, individual to shared, cozy to chic - our customized approach produces bathtubs that fit seamlessly into any bathroom, any style, any life.

Americh luxury bathing systems. Designed and built by us; personalized by you.


For more than 15 years, Aquabrass has been dedicated to the fabrication and distribution of faucets and bathroom accessories of outstanding quality and innovative design.


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Aqua-Pure® brand offers a complete line of water filtration and water treatment products to provide you and your family with clean, safe, great tasting water. Aqua-Pure is the choice of quality conscious plumbing professionals; builders, and specifiers around the world.

Ariel is committed to creating superior kitchen and bath products to improve the lives of our customers. We pride ourselves in our innovative products, great customer service, and a desire to become the leader in this industry.

At Ariel, excellence is a way of life.

Astracast® is recognised worldwide as a market leader in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories, supplying award-winning, innovative yet practical solutions for over 20 years.

With their industry leading team of designers, engineers and craftsmen they inspire to create stunning visual and practical solutions for todays homes.

As a market leading innovator, they continuously strive to develop products and solutions that lead the field.

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Atlas Homewares
Atlas Homewares
Baldwin Hardware

Why Buy Baldwin? Because quality matters Baldwin is the brand for people who know the knockoff from an original.

Imitation may flatter, but it can never replace an original for quality and innovation. In 1946, Baldwin’s founder and Chairman Emeritus arrived in the US as a survivor and refugee and went on not just to achieve the American Dream but to reinvent an industry. Baldwin innovations made solid forged brass the standard of excellence married style and security in pioneering mortise locks for virtually every important architectural style created new finish options to deliver dozens, even hundreds of looks together with a consistent standard of fine brass engineered a multi-patented breakthrough Lifetime Finish™ that can promise “Beautiful for 100 Years.”

Bates and Bates

Our focus is to educate customers about the benefits of working with our products and our company.  At Bates and Bates, we help bring dreams to life with our designer kitchen and bathroom sinks, available in a range of styles and finishes.

Our product range consists of high-end luxury items that are beautiful, and will help you create the kitchen and bathroom that's a reflection of your individuality.  These include our Sculptured Metal, Stainless Steel, Natural Stone, Allegre, Vitreous China and the Copper Mountain series.  we can also create custom pieces to your specifications.

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Belle Forêt
The Belle Forêt collection provides you a full range of kitchen and bath faucets, copper basins, stone vessels and bath vanities in fashionable finishes to perfectly complement almost any décor.  Meticulously crafted, Country French inspired panache at a price where style meets the modest budget.

Quality. Craftsmanship. Innovation. These are the founding principles that have shaped the Bemis Manufacturing Company for generations. We manufacture the products that might be taken for granted, and we make them better, stronger, and more exciting every year! Because at Bemis, we have Higher Standards for Everyday Products™.

Bemis Manufacturing has been in the family since 1901. Since then, we have quietly grown to become an innovative and diverse manufacturer serving multiple markets worldwide.

Today, you will find Bemis® products in homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools-- and probably even in your own back yard. Because at Bemis, we are committed to our founding principles as we have ever been and that is what sets us up for future success!

At Besa Lighting, our goal is to offer choice in lighting solutions. The concept of choice is all too often an illusion. Frequently, we think we have freedom of choice only to find that all of our options are simply derivatives of each other.

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Big John Seats
Big John Toilet Seat and Big John Toilet Support brings stability and comfort to an ever growing population. Our seat has the largest, most comfortable, luxuriously contoured sitting surface and opening available on the market. The first of it's kind specifically designed for the overweight populus. Ideal for people with larger frames, Big & Tall or Plus sizes. The ergonomic design of our toilet seats provide peace of mind for large-size persons as well as the handicapped.

Welcome to BioAxxis

The industry leader in the development and distribution of biometric security products.

Utilizing each person’s unique fingerprint as a “key,” biometrics is changing both residential and commercial security for the better. With biometrics, security systems are more cost-effective. More convenient. And most importantly - more secure.

Fingerprints are a unique personal identifier that cannot be stolen, copied or shared. Fingerprints cannot be lost. They reduce costs. Most importantly, fingerprints provide information or confirmation about the specific individuals seeking to access your doors.

Here you can explore better locking systems – from fingerprint-activated deadbolts to access control systems. You can discover our commitment to quality and innovation; it sets us apart from the rest. And you can get your hands on the latest technology. Because with our extensive and expanding product line, there is a BioAxxis® lock that is certain to meet your needs.

Blanco America is more than a sink company. They sell and market a full breadth of kitchen faucets, bar sinks, and custom accessories to complement your sink. Their extensive product portfolio ensures that one will find the most desirable sink and faucet options for their kitchen. A tenet of Blanco's philosophy is to create dynamic designs for the sink and faucet area, which is clearly the visual focal point and most frequently used space in the kitchen.
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Bootz Industries has become a major U.S. producer for porcelain-on-steel plumbing fixtures, and our products are sold internationally under the Bootz Industries label. Our products are marketed nationally via the industry's largest retail home improvement center and throughout the world by independant sales agencies. The sizes, styles, and color offerings of bathtubs, lavatories, and kitchen sinks incorporate approximately 150 stock items. Our product line is accepted among the industry's most popular plumbing wholesalers, contractors, and builders. Since 2001, Bootz has seen production capacity double with the purchase and installation of modern processing equipment.

Brasstech was founded in 1987 when Ross and Geoffrey Escalette, a father and son team, recognized a need in the plumbing industry for reasonably priced products made of quality materials and crafted with the same care given to more expensive offerings.

To fulfill the need, they began devoting endless time to developing sources for plumbing fixtures and decorative trim. They took on the role as cultivators and craftsman of their products as well as their employees.

Today Brasstech, Inc. is a company with three brands Newport Brass, Ginger, and motiv - offering quality crafted kitchen and bath fixtures, accessories, lighting and mirrors ranging from mid to luxury price points.

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Brizo fashion brand for kitchen and bath faucets brings eco-friendly style into your home.

Founded in 2003, Brondell Inc. is a developer and distributer of innovative, high quality, eco-friendly home & bath products that foster a healthy, comfort-enhancing, and socially responsible lifestyle. Brondell's current product suite combines the latest technology and design to provide unique bathroom solutions that are more hygienic and convenient than existing products, while substantially reducing toilet paper and water consumption. The Company's inventive, modern designs bring high technology to the bathroom, resulting in a new level of luxury and hygiene.

The Brondell Swash™ advanced bidet toilet seat is a highly functional toilet seat that provides users unparalleled comfort and personal hygiene. Featuring posterior and feminine warm water washes, an adjustable heated seat, warm air dryer, automatic deodorizer and a wireless remote control, the Swash™ bidet seat was the recipient of the 2007 American Building Products Award as well as Electronic House Magazine's 2011 Product of the Year Award presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Unlike any other toilet seat on the market, the Breeza™ and Breeza Warm seats feature an innovative design and patent-pending 4-stage deodorizing system which automatically eliminates bathroom odors at the source. The Breeza Warm adds the comfort of an adjustable heated toilet seat providing the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

In the 21st century, CAVALIERE-EURO is consciously striving to produce kitchen and bath implements in an intelligent manner that is eco-friendly, innovative, user friendly with our customer's good health and modern lifestyle playing a prominent role in our overall business model. CAVALIERE-EURO is a specialist in complete kitchens and baths with superior components incorporating the latest technologies making us a leader in the industy.
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Chicago Faucets
Since 1901, The Chicago Faucet Company has offered commercial and residential products built to stand the test of time. A combination of the best engineering, finest materials and quality workmanship has made Chicago Faucets the product of choice among many major companies and consumers.
The Church Seat Company of Holyoke, Massachusetts, was founded in 1904 by Charles F. Church. Church was the first company to bring a white toilet seat to the market, using a process of forming white pyroxalin around a solid wood core. Church is the recognized leader in the toilet seat industry, as stated by its slogan "The Best Seat in the House."
Classic Hardware
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Cole & Co
Founded in 1998, Cole & Co. has successfully erased the line between functionality and style and taken the painstaking difficulty out of finding extraordinary pieces for the bathroom by custom designing and manufacturing fine Furniture for the Bath™. Wood solids are sculpted to produce a custom and one-of-a-kind look for any area of the house.
CSI Donner
Dainolite Lighting
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High quality, fine design, wide selection and great value to meet today’s consumer demands. Danze commits itself to manufacturing faucets that meet and exceed the highest industry standards. And they do this while maintaining down-to-earth prices. For the bath, kitchen, or wherever you might want to add a little splash to your home, choose from the manufacturer that offers the latest styles and the latest features.

Our mission is straightforward and simple - We are committed to being innovative and responsive, while consistently offering high quality products and services at significant savings over our competitors. At DECOLAV we realize that to be successful, we must not only fulfill our mission to our customers, but to everyone we interact with.

The DECOLAV portfolio is ever expanding and showcases an array of beautiful bathroom products and accessories. Our innovative bathroom solutions, many patented, are brilliant both aesthetically and functionally. As we look toward the future, we will continue to be on the leading edge of products development, introducing new and exciting elements of style for the bathroom.

Luxurious design and superior functionality. Delta is a company dedicated to providing high quality products that meets your financial needs. Offering some of the most advanced faucet designs and safety features in the industry, Delta has emerged as a leader amongst faucet producers. And just to prove how much they believe in themselves, Delta offers a Lifetime Faucet and Finish Limited Warranty on most product lines.
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Delta Breez
A new bathroom ventilation solution for the green generation. The new Breez Ventilation Fan is the ideal bathroom solution for green construction. It delivers an aesthetically pleasing ventilation solution that consumes less power and operates more quietly than other leading brands.
Designers Fountain

Designers Fountain is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of decorative and functional residential lighting in the United States. Headquartered in a 225,000 square foot facility in the Los Angeles area, we supply over 1,200 authorized dealers throughout North America. The company maintains staff, sourcing, and design capabilities globally from the Pacific Rim to Europe to the United States.

At Designers Fountain, our philosophy is to provide the highest quality product to meet your lighting needs. Whether you are searching for traditional, transitional or contemporary styling, the breadth of our product line allows you to indulge your creative instincts at an affordable price.

Please take this opportunity to view over 1,600 products by using our new online catalog or by visiting an authorized dealer near you.

With over two million electric fireplaces sold, Dimplex North America Limited, a member of the Glen Dimplex Group, is the world leader in electric fireplaces. Optiflame branded electric fireplaces by Dimplex are the low cost, easy to install fireplace solution for the professional builder. They are simply the best way to add the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace to any room, creating a dramatic focal point that homeowners value.
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Duracell Generators are designed and engineered to provide users with quality, reliable backup power. These generators are perfect for the job site, camping or for emergencies due to extreme weather conditions. When it just has to work, Duracell Generators allow users to feel confident that they will have the right amount of power at the right time. Duracell Generators utilize high quality components and extended life engines, ensuring that they will last and provide users with dependable, durable power.

Duracell Generators use sinewave alternators to provide added protection when powering your devices. Many are equipped with electric start and with an adapter that can be used with an RV or camper.


Duravit is a leading supplier of ceramic sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtub furniture and wellness ideas.

Everything for a beautiful bathroom. Duravit products do more than make living bathrooms more attractive. This is because they are particularly well designed and particularly high quality – which means they can be enjoyed for a long time to come.


Founded in 1996, EAGO Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd has grown into a large scale sanitary ware manufacturer. With a manufacturing plant that covers an area of 250,000 sqm. After becoming very popular in Europe and Asia our products are now available in the US as of 2009.

EAGO is determined to become The Best Suppliers and Service Providers of Sanitary Ware Product in the World in the foreseeable future, and supply the best bathroom solutions for all people around the world.

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Eemax, Inc. has the largest selection of Tankless Electric Water Heaters for use in industrial, residential and commercial applications.  Tankless electric water heaters provide on-demand hot water without the need to continually store and heat water 24 hours a day.
Elizabethan Classics
Customer based thinking and continuing innovation has been the driving force behind Elkay’s success. In purchasing their stainless steel sinks, you get more than just a product…you also get over 78 years of manufacturing and engineering know-how that makes Elkay sinks the standard of the industry. Always concentrating on research and development, Elkay never falls short in quality and style.
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At Emerson, quality has been our hallmark for over 110 years. We invented the world's first alternating current fan motor and have led the way in ceiling fan technology and design innovation. Today, we remain a recognized leader in fan motor technology. The entire line of Emerson ceiling fans and accessories has been developed with an emphasis on quality, variety and style.

Each Emerson fan features meticulous workmanship and the finest materials available. The Emerson K55XL motor is one of the best performing ceiling fan motors in the industry. And all Emerson fans are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Emerson offers a wide array of ceiling fans and accessories to match any decor. Today, Emerson offers new fans, exclusive finishes and unique light fixtures, making the fan and light combinations nearly limitless. The result is one of the most impressive selections of ceiling fans anywhere!

There's no better way to add the finishing touches to a room than with an Emerson ceiling fan. Emerson fans excel in beauty and style and are built to last. With so many fans and accessories to choose from, you can always design the perfect fan combination for years of enjoyment.

Empire Industries
In business since 1976, Empire Industries has been manufacturing and distributing high quality bathroom and kitchen products to the retail market, as well as to builders and developers.

Empire Industries is one of the leading suppliers of bathroom furniture collections in the market today.

Empire Industries collections range from Contemporary to Traditional, hand carved and hand painted, in a wide range of sizes and colors. Each vanity collection has matching countertops and a variety of other items, such as mirrors, medicine cabinets and linen cabinets, to complement the vanity and provide a complete bath suite.
Emtek is dedicated to bringing interesting, well made hardware back into American homes. Until about 1930 there was a proud history of hardware in America. Hundreds of small factories made an enormous variety of creatively designed products. Craftsmen from many disciplines devoted their energies to making locks that provided both function and beauty.

Unfortunately, during the depression many of these factories failed, and then during WWII brass became scarce and lock designs were reduced to the bare essentials. In more recent years the emphasis on cheap, high volume building products has discouraged manufacturers from re-introducing well made hardware.

But now these ideas are changing, Americans are re-discovering the satisfaction that comes from owning well designed products. Emtek's mission is to make it possible for home owners to apply these higher expectations to door locks. We are striving to provide a broad, interesting range of products that consumers can use as elements of decor, not just as a way to latch a door.
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Eastern Tools & Equipment Inc. has been serving throughout the North, Central, and South Americas for over 9 years. They are professional electric generator designers and manufacturers. Specially designed generators feature diesel and portable gasoline generator sets for residential, mobile, commercial, small business, telecommunication and light industrial applications.
Water has a dramatic impact on foodservice operations. At Everpure, we are committed to helping you manage your water, beginning with our unique program Total Water Management. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we analyze your water, survey your operation, assess your needs, and deliver you the ideal water treatment solution—customized to your operation. We ensure your operation's water is clean, clear and consistent, so you can focus on more important things. As the market leader in foodservice water treatment, we’ve brought water quality solutions to hundreds of thousands of operations across the globe.
Fine Mod Imports
Fine Mod Is Your #1 Source For Wholesale In Modern Furniture
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High quality, advanced design sinks that offer supreme performance and looks. Franke offers an extremely high standard of reliability and specializes in stainless steel sinks – both residential and commercial. However, their product lines also include stylish faucets, filtration systems, garbage disposers, and luxurious accessories. Don’t forget to check out their specialty line of quartz sinks and faucets.

Guarantee Specialties, Inc. have created valuable productivity solutions with custom stampings since 1916.  Their Garvin Division is the largest domestic manufacturer of brass and stainless steel kitchen drains and strainer assemblies.

Gatco is an innovative leader in providing the finest in fashion bath accessories. We are a privately held corporation, with our corporate offices along with our distribution center, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Design, Quality, and Value have made Gatco the choice of consumers for over 30 years. From traditional to contemporary we offer a variety of designer collections to compliment your style. We carry such items as towel bars, mirrors, grab bars, shower curtain rods, hooks, and free standing and countertop accessories.
What elevates Gatco away from the competition is that we design and manufacture our products allowing us to offer our customers the utmost in quality and fashion forward design at very sensible pricing.
Gatco’s Premier collections are constructed of the finest brass. Our high quality pieces are fabricated under a process know as forging. Forging is the ideal manufacturing process for creating smooth and precise detail of solid brass. Our finishes are the finest in the industry with each piece hand polished to perfection.
Gatco products can be found at fine showrooms, select retail stores and through the World Wide Web.
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Geberit is a world leader in advanced plumbing and plastics technologies. Founded over 125 years ago Geberit built a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability.

Geberit North America is part of the Geberit Group, a European market leader and global provider of sanitary technology. Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, Geberit North America markets concealed installation systems for residential wall-hung toilets, as well as bath waste and overflows for bathtubs.

Geberit concealed installation system technology enables designers and homeowners to create unique spaces by lifting the toilet off the floor and allowing greater flexibility of placement in the bathroom. The result is a clean and modern finish with no visible pipework.

Geberit cable controlled bath waste and overflows offer unsurpassed quality and years of trouble-free performance. Critical working parts are outside the waterway which ensures clog-free operation. Distinctive contoured handles are available in 18 finishes.

Ultimate quality and timeless design best epitomizes the Grohe label. The company entered the U.S. market in 1975 with a faucet line that looked and functioned differently than most domestic faucets available at the time. Grohe’s unique products initiated an industry movement that has since reshaped the design and quality of American kitchen and baths.
Water. Over seventy percent of the earth's surface is awash in water, and it is a part of our daily lives. Most people don't think twice about this essential element, but at Hansgrohe, it is our passion. Since 1901, the Hansgrohe name has been synonymous with excellence in the shower, kitchen and bath.

For us, the shower is not just part of a busy day—it's quality time to be savored and enjoyed. A kitchen faucet should be beautiful as well as provide high-quality performance. The bathroom is more than a functional part of your home; it is a declaration of your individuality. Hansgrohe's brands enrich the experience of water and enhance your home, creating total refinement for your senses and well being.

For more than 100 years, Hansgrohe has played and continues to play an integral role in bringing your appreciation of water to life.

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Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources is the fastest growing manufacturer of cabinet hardware in the United States. Our diverse product lines include: decorative cabinet hardware; decorative carved wood products such as corbels, bar brackets, island legs, onlays, columns, and crown moulding; functional cabinet hardware such as hinges, drawer slides, undermount slides, full extension slides, and screws; and furniture style bath vanities.

We believe in quality, integrity, and reliability. We uphold the highest standards of service and responsibility in the industry. The unique focus of Hardware Resources is the customer.

Hardware Resources endeavors to become the premier manufacturer and importer of cabinet and furniture hardware. We have made a commitment to globally facilitate and revolutionize the concept of functional and decorative hardware in the best interest of our customers. We provide a diverse work team, continuous improvement, and exceptional leadership. Hardware Resources maintains a level of competitive excellence in the industry.


An early pioneer of the industrial reform movement, Herbeau traveled to England, where sinks, tubs and toilets were being manufactured out of fireclay, porcelain and ceramic. The fixtures were called "sanitary ware" because of their hygienic appearance.

In 1857, Louis Herbeau opened one of the first showrooms in France devoted exclusively to L'Art du Sanitaire (the art of sanitary ware). The Herbeau showroom in Lille rapidly gained a following among socialites and aristocrats. His son Desire, who proved to be a prolific designer, joined Herbeau. The early bath suites Desire designed reveal the Art Nouveau influence of the times.

Much has changed since the days Louis Herbeau took a piece of copper tubing and imagined it as a faucet. Today Herbeau makes faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets that feature the latest in plumbing innovations. And, along with an indefinable je ne sais quoi, Herbeau is assured its place in the continuing history of kitchens and baths.


Hercules is a nearly 100-year-old, cutting-edge manufacturing company headquartered in Passaic, NJ.  Hercules Chemical (including the Cloroben line) has over 100 different products, mostly chemicals, designed to make a professional plumber’s job easier and faster.  Hercules is well-known for johni bolts, johni rings, sta put plumbers putty, Hercules for Hands, and megaloc thread sealant, just to name a few.

Hercules is not your average manufacturing company, and we’re certainly unique in the plumbing industry.  If we seem different, it’s because we are different.  Hercules constantly strives to combine tradition with a cutting-edge approach and to bring leadership to the field.

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Home Living Solutions

Home Living Solutions offers the finest walk in bathtubs available, providing the ultimate in accessibility and pure comfort. We concentrate on quality, rather than mass quantities. Each tub is meticulously assembled by hand, combining a sturdy steel frame, one-piece tub construction, and quality hardware. The finished tub can be installed into an existing tub space within a few days, all at an affordable price.



HOUZER understands that your kitchen is more than just another room. As the most vibrant and visible intersection of the modern home, it needs to be comfortable, functional, and versatile-as well as attractive and inviting. It's a personal setting that reflects your unique spirit and style.

You'll find a HOUZER sink to match any design theme you have in mind; country to classic, transitional to ultra-contemporary. With arresting designs and sculptural details, HOUZER sink achieves a dazzling presence for your kitchen and are the perfect complement to professional-grade appliances set against today's rich palette of stone, quartz, and solid surface countertops.

Combining the highest quality materials and artisan's attention to line and detail, HOUZER sinks are painstakingly crafted to satisfy the sophisticated consumer who demands the very best. Every aesthetic detail is enhanced on every sink we produce to provide lasting beauty and value to your home for years to come. 

For over three decades, we've been improving millions of kitchens across America and overseas, one sink at a time.  At HOUZER, it is our deep-seated belief that our sinks can make your life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

Illumalite Designs

Founded in 2009, illumalite designs is a family-owned business that operates out of Long Island, New York.  Having been involved in the gift and home décor industries in capacities as both a manufacturer and sales rep for the past 25 years, our extensive knowledge and experience is now being used to design and create beautiful lighting for the home.  Please visit our collections… we’re sure you will find a lamp to beautifully illuminate your home!

Our lamps are proudly crafted in the USA .

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INAX designs and produces sophisticated living space and building material products that are popular with demanding customers throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

Founded in 1924, we have been producing world-class bathroom and household amenity products for more than 50 years, including toilet systems, baths, kitchen units, ceramic tiles, and a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

INAX products are characterized by advanced technological features, high quality, a strong sense of design, and attention to detail. We aim to combine ease-of-use with a long-lasting functionality, ensuring that people who buy INAX products can use them safely and conveniently for years to come.
Put convenience and style into your kitchen with an instant hot water dispenser system and a food waste disposer. In-Sink-Erator is the world’s leading manufacturer of such kitchen amenities. Offering a full line of disposers and dispensers, there’s at least one model that is just right for every home. They are available in a wide variety of motor sizes and capacities.

JACLO, an industry leader since 1961, was one of the first companies to offer handheld shower systems to the U.S. market. Today, JACLO is strategically positioned to continue its tradition of bringing highly-styled shower systems and accessories to consumers well into this millennium.

Given JACLO's wide range of product and dedication to detail, the company is well-equipped to meet the needs and growing demands of its customers by providing well-designed products that will enable them to be competitive in style and cost while still maintaining optimum profit margins. JACLO's design staff will, upon request, create customized shower systems that reflect your customers' individual tastes.

JACLO specializes in upgrading high-end hospitality and mulit-unit establishments

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True beauty isn't skin deep. It wells up from deep inside the soul. It emanates from within. Our European engineers and designers craft each piece with this belief, investing painstaking care to ensure each faucet is perfectly engineered and exquisitely formed, creating beauty from the inside out. The result is a work of true beauty whose graceful contours and detailed nuances lend an understated elegance to any room.

Jado engineers are passionate about performance. It shows in the state-of-the-art features built into each model of our extensive line of bathroom and kitchen faucets, including ceramic disc valve technology for leak-free performance and durable brass construction for a lifetime of beauty. Plus, every faucet comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers finish and function.

Justyna Collections
It is said that you are known by the company you keep, and in the case of Justyna Collections, the company is very good, indeed. Justyna Collections exemplifies high standards of quality, customer service, and commitment to excellence.
Kenroy Home

For over 50 years, the Kenroy brand has been synonymous with refined design, quality and value. Kenroy Home design and lighting professionals seek regional and global inspiration, as a prelude to the creation of innovative and custom product ideas that enhance your environment.

In March of 2008, our employee “family” purchased Kenroy Home – a unique first in the lighting industry.  In each interaction or experience you have with someone at Kenroy, you’re dealing with an owner, whose primary objective is to serve you better.

Our new tag line of ALL TOGETHER BETTER reflects a unique philosophy, and the mission of the company. We are committed to creating a portfolio of home product categories that foster a long-term partnership with the retailers and consumers who sell and use our products daily.

Our Chandeliers, Ceiling Lighting and Indoor and Outdoor Wall lighting capture the essence of lighting technology, and combine it with styling points of view ranging from Classical and Traditional, to Contemporary and Casual.

Kenroy Lamps and Portable Lighting utilize a wide variety of materials, and create artistic elements that complement your home furnishings as well as make their own statements. Particular care is paid to hand applied polishing and painting, matched with the finest in glass and shade treatments.
Fountains are the latest Kenroy Home category entry, and are designed and crafted to blend with various interior and exterior decors. They add soothing movement and the gentle sounds of falling water to unique artistry created in real and simulated stone, metal and ceramics.

Look to Kenroy Home for the finest in décor, performance and value. We hope that you’ll enjoy reviewing our proven products and latest offerings, and come to share in the belief of our philosophy that’s ALL TOGETHER BETTER.

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At Kichler, we take pride in transforming light into beautiful, functional works of art.

Our designers travel the world to discover the latest trends in interior and exterior style, colors and design. Then they translate the best of those trends into fixtures that will bring beauty, pleasure and light into your home to stand the test of time in both quality and design.

The result is a collection of distinctive fixtures that helps you express your personal style, taste and personality - whether it's casual, contemporary, urban or traditional. And to make it easy for you to decorate your entire home, we offer our lighting in family collections.

Kichler Lighting – Giving you a better way of lighting your world is not just our job, it’s our passion.

Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass was established in June of 1998. Kingston Brass products are known for quality and remarkable price in the plumbing fixture industry when compared with other middle range price manufacturers.

Just as any business, Kingston Brass has a dream of making, promoting, and distributing quality products to our end users at the best quality, best value and at reasonably affordable price.

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Legend sinks are produced by combining superior materials, exclusive design and quality craftsmanship. In purchasing these stainless steel sinks, you get more than just a product... you also get great quality and beauty for your home.
Lenova is a leading manufacturer of sinks. Our corporate principles are to make the best quality products and designs, offer outstanding customer service, profitability to our industry partners and maximum value to the customer.
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For more than 40 years, MAAX has brought you an extensive array of upscale bathroom products carefully designed with meticulous attention to every functional and decorative detail. Our products are made to meet rigorous quality and durability standards. They are also offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and prices to best meet your needs and tastes – and those of your clients. 

Our mission is to be the brand of choice of architects, designers, builders, contractors, plumbers, remodelers, retailers and homeowners… the leading innovator in products, design and materials development, underpinned by operational excellence in manufacturing and materials.


Madeli™ Bath Vanities are manufactured around the concept that function, design and value are decisive considerations in consumer purchasing decisions. Function precedes design but harmonizing both creates value. Attention to details is our guiding principle. Simple features such as self closing European designs for doors and drawers for ease of use and reliability are standard in most of our collections.

Madeli™ Italian influenced designs are timeless and stylish while maintaining the functionality demanded by today's educated and discriminating consumers. Our design team with over 25 years of combined experience has applied the knowledge gained from extensive market research to determine the latest consumer trends while at the same time respecting classic and historical style.

Combining the newest technology standards into its manufacturing process along with traditional craftsmanship and rigorous inspections, Madeli™ assures the consumer that only the finest quality products will be delivered to their home.

Mansfield Plumbing Products, founded in 1929, is a leading producer of top quality, attractively designed, high performance plumbing fixtures and fittings for use in residential, commercial and institutional markets. Recognized for our strong commitment to service, quality and value, Mansfield is considered the "Brand of Choice" for professional plumbing contractors and consumers alike, around the country. We offer a full line of products including: vitreous china toilets, lavatories and urinals; brass and plastic plumbing fittings and parts; acrylic whirlpools, bathtubs, shower bases and sinks; enameled steel bathtubs, kitchen sinks and lavatories; and cast iron kitchen sinks.
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Michael Isaacs, President of Mico Designs, spent many successful years working in various aspects of the faucet industry.  Michael's experience in faucet design & engineering combined with his sophisticated appreciation for fine art & quality were the impetus to create Mico Designs.  Unique, elegant, timeless designs by world renowned designers, manufactured from the finest quality components engineered to last a lifetime are why Mico Designs faucets are the Art of Water.

Mico Designs understands that no one company can produce the best of everything and therefore has traveled the globe to source the finest components such as German ceramic disk valves & cartridges, Strass Crystal from Swarovski with some colors propriety to Mico Designs, Hansgrohe shower heads and artisans in Italy & Spain who hand chase the design details.  Accessories are engineered to the highest quality standards, and are perfectly matched in design to each of our faucet series.

 For over 50 years, informed architects, builders, remodelers, and consumers have chosen mr.steam® as a premier source of upscale, and high quality steam products including towel warmers, shower speakers, shower seats, aromasteam and chromasteam systems. Our advanced technology, engineering, and design provides equipment that enhances lifestyles worldwide. The company has refined — and redefined — value and reliability, assuring the highest level of quality. In addition to providing private luxury enhancements for residential use, from smaller homes to estates, our products service a large roster of hotels, resorts, health clubs, spas, and professional team headquarters.
Myson offers innovative and distinctive ways of heating your home, hotel, health spa or commercial building... with style, comfort and efficiency. Myson Euro-styled Towel Warmers, Radiators and Kickspace Heaters have been the choice of home owners, award-winning decorators, designers, architects, builders and contractors for decades.
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Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution to the problem of indoor air quality as well as to educate the world on the dangers of indoor airborne contaminants.

Top-quality research and development facilities are designed to compete in a dynamic industry where the need to bring innovative and effective technologies is the key business driver. By consistently cultivating close links with the world of environmental protection, Neoair Industries has acquired genuine legitimacy in this field in terms of performance and reliability, enabling us to develop one of the most advanced home air purification system ever build.

The ground-breaking technologies Neoair products offer are for people who don't want to compromise their physical condition and well-being.

Neoair Industries’ headquarters, logistic facilities and the main distribution hub for North, Central and South America are located in Miami, Florida, USA.


Olsonite Seat Company is one of the most respected producers of toilet seats in the world. The company is a full line manufacturer located in the United States, with the corporate offices in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Olsonite continues to be known as the professional's choice and a leader in the industry.

As Olsonite enters the 21st century, it has committed itself to a new and energetic program, which builds on a century of proud tradition as the professional's choice and a leader in the industry. The company's new theme, "Reinventing Tradition" captures this corporate spirit and focus.

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Premier Copper

Premier Copper Products is a family owned business who offers high quality affordable products that are individually hand crafted by artisans in our exclusive factory in Mexico.  We offer competitive pricing, fast delivery, progressive design features, and environmentally sound copper products and packaging.

Premier Copper Products is a Phoenix, Arizona-based importer and designer of handmade copper products from Mexico.  We search out artisans of superior talent and technique to produce a unique line of sinks and bath tubs that are of the highest quality.  Our years of experience in copper product manufacturing assures that the sink you choose will meet rigorous quality control standards in addition to the one-of-a-kind beauty and durability expected of a premium eco friendly product.

Premier Copper Products maintains a well-rounded on site inventory, which means that our products ship with little or regularly no lead time.  We offer a full range of accessories including drains, switch plates, tiles, protective wax, and a specially made silicone caulk that is color matched and non-reactive.  You’ll have all the necessary elements to complete your project without the weeks of delay that are common in the industry. 

We take great pride in offering a truly affordable, quality consistent, and eco friendly product from design to packaging.

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Price Pfister
For close to a century, Price Pfister has been a leader in the plumbing industry developing stylish, innovative and dependable faucets, and accessories, for the kitchen and bathroom. And Price Pfister’s new products for 2006 are no exception.

Price Pfister continues to keep pace with ever emerging design trends. Whether it be the introduction of new finishes or industry leading innovations like the 3-function sprayhead of the Parisa kitchen pull-out, Price Pfister is positioned now more than ever to meet all of your fashion plumbing needs.

Rialto has been in business nearly 100 years!

We were the first to introduce the electric makeup mirror. Our mirrors are free of distortion and your image is always true and sharp. At Rialto, we use the highest quality materials and create our own innovative designs. We emphasize the newest technology and incorporate useful, functional features.

Rialto is a company that stands behind every product as we have been doing for almost 100 years!


We are an importer and distributor of specialty hardware and complementary products

An agent for change in a dynamic and creative industry.

Our customers – More than 40,000 customers in North America: kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturers, kitchen dealers, residential and commercial woodworkers, home furnishing manufacturers, office and ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturers, renovation superstore chains, and purchasing groups with more than 6,000 hardware retailers.

Our team – More than 1,200 people, close to half of whom focus on sales and marketing, and approximately 60% of whom are Richelieu shareholders.

Our product – some 65,000 products (SKUs) in a wide variety of categories including: kitchen accessories, lighting systems, finishing and decorating products, functional hardware, ergonomic workstations, closet and kitchen storage solutions, sliding doors systems, decorative and functional panels, high-pressure laminates. This offering is complemented by the specialty items manufactured by two of our subsidiaries, Cedan Industries Inc. and Menuiserie des Pins Ltd. These include a broad range of veneer sheets and edge banding products, a variety of decorative mouldings and components for the window and door industry. In addition, some of our products are manufactured in Asia according to our specifications and those of our customers. More than 50% of our overall offering is sold under our brands.

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RK International

Since 1985, RK International, Inc. has supplied high quality solid brass decorative builders hardware at extremely attractive prices, with a commitment to service that is an envy of the hardware industry.  We offer a broad range of decorative hardware in ornate, contemporary, and other popular styles that fulfill any homeowner's tastes and requirements.

Our products are designed, fabricated, and finished by the best craftsmen in the world.  Quality control is exercised at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure total customer satisfaction.  Ever-increasing clientele within the United States and abroad distinguishes RKI as a credible supplier of decorative hardware.

We are excited to offer new designs and finishes this year, in addition to new free standing display carousels for our vendors to meet their hardware showcasing needs. 

The last twenty one years have built a proven track record of excellence and dedication. Everyone at RKI thank you for your interest and patronage in our company.

Robern, located in Bristol, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1968 and is the leader in bath storage solutions. Robern seeks to pioneer and promote the development of the personal vanity environment, by providing personal choice, stylish designs and innovative features for consumers.
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 SANIFLO is North America's only distributor of macerating toilet systems, ideal for basement renovations, bathroom remodeling or DIY projects. Do you want to put a bathroom where conventional plumbing makes it difficult or even impossible? Then you need a Saniflo "upflush toilet" with its unique macerating system.
Bath Works, Steel Works, and Brass Works by schön present classic designs for the modern ages. The uncomplicated form and pure, clean lines harmonize perfectly with your modern décor, while each piece is its own expression of elegance and beauty.  Undeniable sophistication and refinement with a flourish of restrained panache fuse together in the form of timeless designs for your kitchen and bath.
Showerite, A Crane Plumbing Company, is proud to manufacture fine quality bathtub and shower enclosures.  We offer over 8000 standard door variations across 9 different product lines plus a full range of built-to-spec custom products ensuring one of the broadest product offerings in the industry.
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Slant Fin

With SMEDBO you can choose among many different lines of bathroom accessories. We offer a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, to suit any decorating taste and design.

All of our bath products are made of the highest quality solid brass with special blacksmith attention paid to every detail.
All of our products are protected with a specially developed, highly transparent epoxy lacquer and requires no polishing. You may clean your Smedbo Product with a damp cloth to bring back the luster it had the first day you purchased the product.

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St Thomas Creations
Sunrise Specialty Co
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Welcome to Taco, America's leader in hydronic systems for residential and commercial building applications. A third generation family-owned company, Taco's corporate headquarters are located in Cranston, Rhode Island, with manufacturing facilities in Cranston and Fall River, Massachusetts. Taco's commitments to Green Building, as evidenced in its acclaimed LoadMatch® and FloPro® systems, as well as to innovations in energy-efficient systems, design software, training, and support is matched only by the loyalty it extends to its employees, vendors, and customers. Please click on your area of interest below.

Quality Products and Innovation Since 1952,  the industry leader with a tradition of excellence.

Safety, quality and service are the cornerstones of Takagi's success. We’ve been making tankless water heaters since 1952 worldwide. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evidenced by the revolutionary and highly efficient tankless water heaters we’ve produced over the years.

As the industry leaders, we pride ourselves with being “the first” in many areas including the following:

Takagi is the First tankless water heater company specializing in tankless-only products to enter the North American market.

Takagi is the First tankless water heater company to offer a tankless product (the T-H1) with an amazing thermal efficiency rating of up to 95%.

Takagi is the First tankless water heater company to offer a "direct vent convertible" tankless model (the T-K3) which allows you to convert the unit to a direct vent unit.

Takagi is the First tankless water heater company to utilize the air-fuel ratio rod, a unique safety device.

Dedicated to protecting the environment and making the world a safer place to live for families, we make it our mission to produce only the highest quality, most eco-friendly and innovative tankless products possible in hopes to help relieve global warming.

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Terra Acqua

Thank you for your interest in Terra Acqua!

Since the earliest of civilizations, palaces and villas have been appointed with the most luxurious of materials.

Stone, earthy and sensual, evokes timelessness and purity. Copper, warm and rich, unites the exotic with the contemporary.

Whether it is the bath or the kitchen, stone and copper bring harmony and substance to your home.

Terra Acqua products are all original designs by Susan Hugo. Finished by hand, each one is unique.

The Copper Factory
Copper, a naturally occurring element, has long been revered for its aesthetic value and positive effects on human health and wellness; its illustrious history of beauty and function dates back over 10,000 years. Throughout the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Aztec, and Roman Empires, copper was used to sterilize drinking water and treat illnesses, worn as jewelry, shaped into ornamentation for the home, crafted into art, and forged into currency. During the industrial age, copper obtained a new importance as a conductor of electricity and today it is considered the premium in quality for plumbing and telecommunication wiring. Copper has and continues to play a vital role in shaping our lives.

Today The Copper Factory is bringing the rich tradition of copper to homes across the country and beyond with a comprehensive line of hand crafted bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtub and other accessories. Starting with native copper, experienced craftsmen hand hammer or sand cast each piece to create durable, hygienic and above all, attractive product offerings that suit a variety of life styles, from traditional farmhouses to contemporary urban lofts.
Thomas Lighting
 Our roots in the lighting industry date back to 1919, when Henrick Moe founded Moe Brothers Co. to manufacture residential lighting fixtures.

This is the company that Lee B. Thomas acquired in 1948, changing the name to Thomas Industries in 1953. In 1998 The Genlyte Group Inc. and the Lighting Group of Thomas Industries Inc. joined forces to create a powerful new entity, positioned as one of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America.

Building on our long and distinguished history in the lighting industry, Thomas Lighting is committed to residential lighting needs.

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Tile Redi

Tile Redi® is the inventor of Tile Ready® shower products. Tile Redi® is both the industry innovator and industry leader of the Tile Ready® shower base, and has the industries’ largest selection of Tile Ready® shower bases and shower pans, including single curb shower pans and shower bases, bathtub replacement shower pans and shower bases, and ADA and barrier free shower pans and shower bases. Our Tile Ready® shower pans are one piece shower pans with fully integrated drains, integrated 6 inch splash walls, integrated curbs or barrier free entrances, and integrated pitch ¼ inch per foot to the drain. Our patented and UL listed shower pans and shower bases comply with all local building and plumbing codes.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Our Tile Ready® products comply with all national and local plumbing codes and are UL listed, unlike cheap imitations which are not UL approved, do not comply with local plumbing or building codes, and will not be approved by local inspectors. Also, our shower pans are one piece and easy to install, unlike the “jigsaw puzzle” shower bases which require a master’s degree in shower pans and a lot of free time to properly install.

Finally, the Tile Ready® products that are used in 5 star hotels, casino hotels, high end condos and single family residences, both new construction and renovations, are the exact same quality products that we sell to small contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Any developer, hotel brand, general contractor or architect who has used our Tile Ready® products becomes an instant champion and advocate for our products because they are easy to install, they are leak proof, you can tile them, and they save time and money. What more could you ask for!!

Tommy Bahama

That's what Tommy Bahama is all about.

Since 1992, the lifestyle brand has been elevating the act of relaxation throughout all aspects of life, where the food is always good, the beaches are splendid and the mood is calm, easy and inspired.

Tommy Bahama Fine Ceiling Fans capture the essence of island living, allowing you to experience the
trade winds at the flick of a switch. Rich materials of rattan and grass weaves, deep-stained woods and warm bamboo are combined with beautiful metal finishes to create an assortment of fans with unique materials and detailing. Bring island breezes into your home 365 days a year.

Top Knobs

Top Knobs USA was founded in 1994 and began its remarkable climb to leadership in the North American decorative hardware industry. Today Top Knobs is the #1 manufacturer of decorative hardware for the professional market. We have the greatest selection of products, the largest number of showrooms, and the top sales volume. Top Knobs products are prominently displayed in the leading kitchen and bath showrooms and decorative hardware showrooms in North America.

Top Knobs offers the industry’s most extensive line of premium quality cabinet, drawer, and bath knobs, pulls and other hardware, created to suit all tastes and styles. The company’s wide selection of traditional and modern decorative hardware is the product of a creative design staff and talented craftsmen. Each Top Knobs piece has the quality look and feel of custom-made, at an affordable price. Top Knobs is the #1 leader and #1 trend-setter for the professional decorative hardware industry.

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In the year 1977 Oscar Panameno, who had a business mind, founded in El Salvador, Central America, the firm TOROGOZ.

The peculiar name of the company attracts the attention of most of our customers. Such a name goes back to Oscar´s youth, when for the first time he saw this beautiful bird at the countryside.

He initiated operations along with his family and 12 employees, making six models of sculptures  using the electroplated process. The line of products began to grow quickly and very soon the company was making different products in metal, glass and wood for the decoration and awards business.

At the moment we are a family of 160 employees and thanks to the excellent quality and the custom-designed products that we make, Torogoz has exported its designs to all Central America, United States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Our latest concept is the Metallic and Stone Murals,  Tiles and Trims; which have been designed to become a real JEWELERY FOR YOUR WALL.

Tread Safe
 Tread–Safe LLC, was founded in 2003 and is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company is backed by 12 years of experience in the chemical sales industry with a background in Environmental Safety and Health. Tread–Safe was formed with the goal to help people live safer lives by reducing the chance of slips and falls occurring.
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Trend Lighting
 For over 20 years, Trend Lighting Co. Pty Ltd has been creating lighting solutions through innovation and consultation with designers, engineers and architects creating lighting packages, utilising the latest technology and equipment.
Triarch International
 Triarch International is a leader in lighting products and offers a wide variety of products for your home and business needs.

 An unmatched legacy of quality and innovation, partnered with the promise of improving the lives of our customers with exceptional products and services, has made Vigo Industries one of the fastest growing and most reputable kitchen and bath groups in North America. Our commitment to combining style and function with innovative solutions reflects upon our vast breadth of bath and kitchen products and has earned Vigo Industries a status of permanence, trust and excellence among our consumers and trade partners all over the world.

We at Vigo Industries are always aware of the needs of our customers. It is that unique awareness that propels us to embrace new ideas, processes and designs. In this ever changing market – our talented team of engineers, designers and professionals search for new and unique ways to make our products surpass all standards and expectations. Our company wide philosophy of investing in the latest technology and education is mirrored not only in the quality of our goods, but in their cost effectiveness as well.

Our mission is simple – provide style and performance at a cost that fits into a variety of budgets, compromising nothing – exceeding everything.

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Virtu USA

Virtu USA engage in the manufacturing of quality bathroom vanities and accessories.  All vanities are handcrafted by experienced professionals in the trade.  Each vanity is thoroughly built by meticulous craftsmen who take ample time and care.  Hence, each vanity is a unique one of a kind.

Virtu offers excellent array of selection from contemporary to traditional design vanities.  Virtu intends on improving the lives of our customer with quality and striking designs.  We strive to present product and customer service unparallel with any on the market. 

Volume Lighting offers distinctive styles and superior quality at the most affordable prices in the industry. Fixtures are available in a wide array of finishes and glass styles. If you're looking for something that matches your decor and your budget, you've come to the right place.
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Warmrails product line consists of over 10 heated towel warmers, varying in size, style and price. Each unit has been designed specifically for the U.S. market. Most models can be mounted to a wall, either hard-wired (by a professional) or soft wired, allowing them to be plugged into a standard outlet. Some models offer the unique ability to be used freestanding. 

Fine Decorative Plumbing since 1935.
Whitehaus Collection

Whitehaus Collection® surpasses industry standards by creating innovative designs that transform the most essential rooms in the home, the kitchen and bath, into reflections of the homeowners' personal style.

Whitehaus Collection® has been raising the bar in the decorative arena for over ten years by providing high-end decorative plumbing fixtures that range in design from modern to eastern-influenced to traditional. Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are finely crafted to withstand the test of time, children, guests, and other forces.

Whitehaus Collection® is your source for original designs and imports of quality decorative plumbing fixtures to be found in the kitchen and bath. From traditional to contemporary design, we bring to you a broad selection of styles and finishes for sinks, faucets, and accessories.

Whitehaus Collection's® product offerings are a fresh alternative for those with distinguished tastes.

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World Imports
Lighting is elementary to interior design. From decorative chandeliers and fixtures that complement interior themes, to the manner in which light radiates from alabaster or reflects through the surfaces of fine breath-blown crystal, light defines interior spaces. It is with this concept that World Imports has assembled their fine array of products.

Xylem is a brand of Xylem Group, LLC that designs and manufactures a diverse selection of product for the bath, including vanities, faucets, mirrors, and sinks in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.

At Xylem, our ingenuity is deep-rooted in a tradition of delivering on customer expectation of product that is outstanding in the marketplace. Where Ideas Flow is the motto that challenges our team to continuously reinvent themselves creatively and stretch to the far reaches of their imagination to provide our customers with the most innovative products, compelling designs, and quality craftsmanship.

Our mission is clear: To offer our customers unique and outstanding bath furniture, fixtures, countertops, and fittings at a fair price and with superior customer service.

Rated A by the Better Business Bureau
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